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U.S. Forest Service Solicits Feedback on the Future of the i-Tree Suite of Urban Forest Management Tools (March 24, 2022)

Each listening session targets a specific user group but each is open to all users based on your schedule – i.e. if you can’t make your preferred time, or not sure which one best fits, please feel free to choose any, all are welcome! If you cannot attend but are interested in providing feedback, please register; as comments can be captured during the registration process. A (1) NJUCF Continuing Education Unit (CEU) per individual will be provided upon request (please email after attending the town hall. Only 1 CEU may be provided per person so please attend the appropriate skill level session. Multi-session attendance will not be credited additional CEUs). There is an opportunity during the registration process to include comments – please take advantage and share your thoughts!

  • Registration links have expired for this event.


i-Tree is developed and maintained through a public-private partnership between the USDA Forest Service and  the Davey Tree Expert Company along with the support of many additional  cooperators.  The i-Tree Suite of Tools are freely available, supported,  and used worldwide.  The i-Tree Suite of Tools provides urban and rural forestry analysis and benefit assessment tools. The i-Tree tools can help strengthen forest management and advocacy efforts by quantifying forest structure and the environmental benefits that trees provide.

The US Forest Service needs to hear from you, the frequent, moderate, and novice or potential future user of i-Tree - the champions as well as those who have never used i-Tree but may be curious - to show up and lend your voice to help inform the future direction and potential future offerings, including thoughts related to:  

  • How might i-Tree be more responsive to urban community needs, particularly those who advocate locally?
  • How might i-Tree assist your work related the tree equity?
  • What barriers do you encounter that prevent you for realizing the true potential of i-Tree?
  • What improvements would you like to see in i-Tree ?
  • How important is i-Tree to the work that you do?