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Hands-On Maple Sugaring Demonstrations

The art of maple sugaring, a harbinger of spring, will be featured in a series of educational programs for groups and the public at Washington Crossing State Park from the middle of February through early March.

Fish Printing Nature Craft on March 10

Learn some of the common fish found in the reservoir at Spruce Run Recreation Area. We will make prints with paint on paper or you can bring a plain t-shirt or pillow case to make prints on.

Vernal Pond Walk at High Point State Park on March 24

Vernal ponds, unique temporary wetlands, are the breeding grounds for a number of amphibians and other aquatic species. Join us for a short introduction at the Park Office, and then we’ll travel to a handful of High Point’s ponds for a first-hand look at these fascinating habitats.

2018 Owl Calling at Bamboo Brook Outdoor Education Center

Bamboo Brook Outdoor Education Center boasts 670 acres of fields, woodlands, and a formal garden designed by Mrs. Hutcheson, one of the first women landscape architects in the United States. Visit the center on Friday, March 30th, 2018 for the 2018 Owl Calling event.