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Bullfrog Amphibian Project Training Sessions: January 6th, 13th, 16th, and 26th

CWF biologist Allegra Mitchell is looking for volunteers to gather data on various amphibian population locations in New Jersey. There will be 4 public trainings throughout January for all interested in becoming the pioneers of this monitoring program.

ice fishing Ice Fishing Workshop on January 19th

Join the NJDEP Division of Fish and Wildlife for an ice fishing workshop at Kitattinny Valley State Park, Sussex County. This beginner program is geared toward women through Outdoor Women of New Jersey (OWNJ).

skiis Cross Country Skiing Worskshop on January 20th

In this workshop, the participants will learn about the different types of cross-country ski equipment that are available and what to look for in selecting your first pair of skis.  Other topics will include: how to dress and where to go skiing in New Jersey.

Bald Eagles Cumberland County Winter Eagle Festival on February 2nd

Join the Conserve Wildlife Foundation and other environmental organizations at the Cumberland County Winter Eagle festival.