NJEDL Adds the Rick Engler Right-to-Know Collection to its Catalog

The New Jersey Environmental Digital Library has just finished processing and incorporating the Rick Engler Right-to-Know collection to its repertoire of digital documents available for viewing. Rick Engler is a community activist and former director of the Work Environment Council. Mr. Engler and his organization were key players in the passage of the The New Jersey Worker and Community Right to Know Act of 1983. The act sets up regulations which give workers the right to know about certain hazardous and potentially harmful chemicals they are exposed to in the workplace.  The collection comes to us from the Special Collections Department of Rutgers University Alexander Library. The content consists of hundreds of thousands of pages of correspondence, internal documentation, press releases, and other items relating to the passage of this landmark N.J. law. To find out more about the Right-to-Know Act you can look here.  Or you can begin by checking out some of the newly uploaded documents here on NJEDL!