NJDEP Bureau of GIS Launches NJ Geo Web 3.0 Application

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protectiosn Bureau of Graphic Information Systems has recently released the product of their latest efforts, the NJ Geo-Web 3.0 App. Users of this application can locate areas of interest, view and interact with NJDEP's GIS data, and query related environmental information. NJ-GeoWeb presents users with a suite of customized profiles to choose from, where they can work within a more tailored application that includes specific datasets, tools, searches, and reports developed to address the interests of the general public as well as  targeted users. This latest release includes an entirely new user interface, updated data, including the Landscape Species Based Habitat data, and an assortment of new tool enhancements. This version of the NJ-GeoWeb application grants users access to the latest data, imagery services and functionality, enabling them to gain better understanding of environmental issues in their areas of interest. Find out more about his exciting application by visiting the Bureau of GIS website at the following link here.