NJ DEP Dedicates $39.4 Million to Contain 1970's Landfill

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection will be dedicating nearly $40 million dollars towards paying for projects related to containing pollution from 1970's landfill located in Kearny and prevent it from seeping into the Passaic River. The funds will be used to create a containment wall which encapsulates the landfill as well as to install systems to better manage water and air pollution resulting from the landfill. The Kearny landfill opened in 1970 and was in operation until 1982. During that period, more than 1.5 million gallons of waste oil as well as pharmaceutical, insecticide and industrial wastes were deposited for disposal there. At the completion of the project, the site will be planted with wildflowers, grasses and other plants to provide habitat for songbirds and other wildlife. Find out more by reading the full NJDEP press release at the link here