DEP Launches Trail Tracker Smart Device Tool to Enhance Visits to State Parks and Forests

The New Jersey Division of Parks and Forestry officially launched a new smart device tool on November 16 to enhance visits to state parks by helping users plan visits around the state park system’s vast network of trails. The Trail Tracker application may be downloaded to smart devices to help visitors make detailed plans tailored to trails, activities and terrain that interest them.

The Trail Tracker tool helps visitors find activities available at state parks and forests during each season, search for trails by difficulty ratings and points of interest, and access detailed geographic maps that provide information on terrain and natural features along trails. The tool also enhances safety by enabling visitors to maintain their bearings while hiking and by providing emergency contact numbers.

“Having used Trail Tracker myself while hiking recently in Swartswood State Park, I’m confident that all levels of outdoor enthusiasts will find it useful and fun,” said DEP Deputy Commissioner David Glass. “With just a few swipes on your device, you can find attractions and plot out a hike to meet your abilities – and know where you are all the time.” Read the entire news release here.