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The Lenape (Millstone Valley National Scenic Byway)

Organization logo: graphic of house on green hills by a river with a brown wheel in the foreground

This rich, pictorial history includes information such as color maps of the Lenape Nation, major Indigenous trails in New Jersey, native government systems, land deals during colonization, and Lenape living quarters. 

There was a sizable Lenape settlement in or near the present boundaries of the Borough of Millstone. Millstone is located in the northern Millstone Valley relatively near the Raritan River, so these Lenape may have been Raritans, a group that was a part of the greater Lenape tribes. The region was crisscrossed by trails that were used by all indigenous peoples. An important trail called the Assunpink trail came through the Millstone Valley, and crossed the Millstone River at Kingston.