Attack At NJ Bald Eagle Nest After 1st Egg Arrives At Duke Farms

The first egg arrived on Sunday at 2:46 p.m. and was laid by a female eagle who took over the nest last year. In 2020, two chicks were hatched. Both last year and this year, the new female has laid eggs earlier than the previous eagle.

"Last year she laid early. This year she laid her egg three days earlier than last year. She seems to like to lay early," said Nora DiChiara, director of programs and strategic planning at Duke Farms.

At around 10:42 a.m., the parent eagle could be seen agitated and alert for about 5 minutes before an intruder was spotted on camera. The intruder, a young eagle around 4 to 5 years old, entered the nest and attacked the parent that was guarding the egg, according to DiChiara.

"The ongoing increase of bald eagle numbers in New Jersey is one of this country's most successful conservation stories. While disturbing, today's brief battle over the nest is an indicator of ecological health through the successful implementation of protective environmental efforts and policies," said DiChiara. "Duke Farms is excited for a successful and engaging 2021 bald eagle nesting season."

Watch the entire tussle at: Attack at NJ Bald Eagle Nest

To catch a glimpse of the new egg and eagle parents watch the Duke Farms camera live, 24 hours a day at: Duke Farms | Eagle Cam