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Jersey City Environmental Commission


280 Grove Street
Jersey City, NJ 07302




(201) 547-4632


The Jersey City Environmental Commission (JCEC) is comprised of volunteer city residents who are appointed by the Mayor to serve three-year terms. 

The JCEC was re-established in 2011 to promote the protection and conservation of land, air, water and other natural resources within the City, and to educate the public and advise city government about the best methods for protecting and conserving these resources. 

What We Do

  • Researches, compiles and directs studies, including environmental resource inventories, water studies, energy audits, and conservation easement inventories;   
  • Promotes long-range environmental planning based on the capacity of the land and natural resources;  
  • Inventories plans and preserves open space; 
  • Informs residents through educational programs, displays, publications, and meetings; 
  • Works with neighboring commissions and other organizations to address regional and state-wide environmental problems; and
  • Acts and serves as the official Sustainable Jersey Green Team that is responsible for pursuing and maintaining the City's Sustainable Jersey Certification.