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Carranza Memorial Historic Site


Wharton State Forest, 31 Batsto Road,
Hammonton, NJ 08037




(609) 561-0024


Often compared to Charles Lindbergh, this Mexican aviator was honored by American dignitaries in the summer of 1928.

Mexican aviator Captain Emilio Carranza Rodríguez was selected to undertake a goodwill flight from Mexico City to New York City in response to the 1927 flight from New York City to Mexico City undertaken by American aviator Charles Lindbergh. He became an international hero when he accomplished this in June of 1928 to great acclaim. Tragically, while flying back to Mexico in July 1928 Carranza's plane got caught in a thunderstorm over the New Jersey Pinelands and crashed. He did not survive. A 12’ monument located in Wharton State Forest marks the site of his crash.