Winter Cleanup - Local Waters Stony Brook - THIS Sunday, Nov 8, 2020 at 9:00 AM

We will be following TU National Event/Meeting Guidelines related to COVID.

A) There will be a contact tracing sign-in sheet at that event "must be filled out and signed by attendees".

B) Face Masks to be worn in compliance with local health requirements and common sense.


Supplies and Instruction will be provided and teams will head to various destinations on the Stony Brook.

If you have waders bring them for stream cleanup duty otherwise, wear boots to walk the trails and edge of the brook. Warm clothing is recommended.

We will send you out in teams with a section map, work gloves, trash bags, grabber sticks, and drinking water. The cleanup should take no more than 2 hours max

Each team will have a section of Stony Brook to work on. The sections are usually between crossroads or bridges.

Parking areas at both ends are to be cleaned as well.

NOTE: The status of the BBQ is being discussed by the BOD's

Contact Stewart to confirm you are participating:

Stewart von Oehsen ESCTU President
609 915 6919

Return when done working your assigned area of Stony Brook and return your tools and supplies.

This year there will not be a Post Cleanup BBQ