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US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Recycling Focused Grant Announcements & Resources

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The total estimated funding for this competitive opportunity is approximately $30,000,000. EPA anticipates awarding approximately 25 assistance agreements under this funding opportunity, with at least one award per EPA Region. The minimum individual award floor is $250,000, and the maximum individual award ceiling is $2,000,000 for the grant period. Materials within the scope of this grant opportunity include commonly recycled materials, such as aluminum and steel containers, glass, cardboard paper and plastics, as well as food, organics (yard and tree trimmings, wood, etc.), textiles, batteries and electronics. Education and outreach activities that prevent or reduce waste by reducing, reusing, repairing, refurbishing, remanufacturing, recycling, composting or using anaerobic digestor systems to treat these types of materials or to reduce related contamination are within the scope of this grant. 

To find out more, including Request for Applications (RfA) (for RFA, scroll down to the 'Resources' section).

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