Sunday June 7, 2020 - 2:00 PM Virtual "Eyes on Eagles" Program - Presented in Partnership with Conserve Wildlife Foundation, the Wildlife Center Friends and PSE&G.

Key moments in the lives of the young eaglets will be highlighted in these two programs where viewers may see different activity such as nesting and branching.  Naturalists will share up-to-date information on the eagles through your own virtual spotting scope and share the unique story of the eagles at Mercer Lake. This program is presented in partnership with Conserve Wildlife Foundation, the Wildlife Center Friends and PSE&G.  For the safety of the eagles all public viewing must be done from a distance. Bald eagles and many bird species are sensitive during their nesting season. Park patrons must remain on marked trails at all times; disturbance to wildlife will cause harm, where they may refuse to return in the future.  This public program will provide important tips to park users on “eagle etiquette,” including information on federal regulations prohibiting the disturbance of bald eagle nests.

“Eyes on Eagles” virtual programming will conclude with a Q&A session for the public to ask any questions about eagles. Participants will be able to submit questions in advance of the program by email to  Questions can also be asked through the chat feature in the webinar. 

To learn more about bald eagle programming opportunities, visit or www.conservewildlifenj.orgUsers can register in advance through the following meeting link: