The Real Music of Alexander Hamilton: A Fundraiser for a New Museum on October 28th

The life and times of Founding Father and first Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton have become a subject of fascination for twenty-first century Americans, and the Bergen County Historical Society is proud to present the story of his life in narrative and in the music of his day. What was the hymn he wrote that was published in a St. Croix newspaper? What was the last song he sang before his fateful duel with Aaron Burr on the Weehawken Palisades? Join us and find out! Sit in the parlor of the Steuben House, where Colonel Hamilton served on Washington’s staff in 1780, and listen to the music and the stories that shaped his life!

Fee: $50 BCHS Members, $60 Non-members.
The Steuben House Museum
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Sponsor: Bergen County Historical Society
Note: Reservations are required