Fund for a Better Waterfront

FBW along with the City of Hoboken and neighborhood residents have sought to preserve a pier at northeast waterfront for open space. This was the original agreement between the City and Shipyard Associates when the 1160-unit Shipyard project gained planning board approval in 1995. Various lawsuits have followed a tortuous path through the court system resulting in a series of rulings adverse to the City and FBW. A tentative settlement was reached this past year, with the City and Shipyard agreeing to swap development rights at the pier for the municipal garage site on Observer Highway. This deal would ensure that this parcel be preserved as public open space in perpetuity.

FBW has worked to spread its success in Hoboken to other communities. For three years, FBW worked with a community group in Weehawken to develop a “community plan” for 142 prime acres of waterfront in that township. FBW has also assisted waterfront communities in Jersey City, Edgewater and Bayonne, and has provided Hoboken waterfront tours to countless people, including groups from Brooklyn, Philadelphia and New York City. In Hoboken, FBW’s successful battles over the past thirty years have helped to build a waterfront park that is nearing completion. The opportunity to finish the missing links in Hoboken’s waterfront park is now tantalizingly close and would result in a prototype for waterfront planning.

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Many thanks to the Johnston-Valenta family & friends for this terrific video celebrating FBW's 30 years of advocacy for a continuous, public waterfront park in Hoboken.