With west nile virus cases at record level and persistent warmth and rain, state urges residents to reduce mosquito risks

With reports of West Nile virus illnesses in people at a record level and persistent warm and rainy weather, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and New Jersey Department of Health are urging property owners to take steps to reduce mosquito populations and to protect themselves against the risk of mosquito-borne illnesses.

Both agencies are also working coordinating with officials in Bergen County to continue monitoring, tracking and spraying efforts as well as public education. The county recently experienced two West Nile-related deaths.

New Jersey’s 21 county mosquito-control agencies use a variety of methods to combat mosquitoes, including public awareness campaigns, larval habitat source reduction programs, use of natural predators, water-management techniques and careful application of approved insecticides to manage mosquito populations and reduce the threat of disease transmission.

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