NJ State Parks Continued to be Closed as Government Shutdown Continues

All of New Jersey's State Parks will continue to be closed on Monday due to a state government shutdown imposed by Governor Christie that began last week. As part of the shutdown, residents will be unable to visit any of the recreational areas which receive State Park funding, possibly continuing into the 4th of July.  The government shutdown was ordered by Christie as a result of a showdown with lawmakers over the state's budget for the next fiscal year.  While lawmakers are attempting to send the governor a budgetary plan that calls for considerations for increases to education and other ailing social causes, Christie has threatened to veto majority sections of the budget if two bills which he supports are not passed. These bills include a change in how revenue from lottery sales will be allocated to pension payments and a bill to increase regulation and taxes on NJ's largest health insurance provider, Horizon. You can read more about how the government shutdown effects NJ's parks and other environmental programs by visiting the DEP website at the link here.