Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Catherine R. McCabe chairs the panel created by administrative order in 2019 to evaluate the decommissioning process. The Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station permanently shut down in September 2018. Commissioner McCabe made the appointment in collaboration with Congressman Andy Kim.

“We welcome Mayor Kennis to the Safety Advisory Panel and look forward to having his input on this important process,” Commissioner McCabe said. “I am also grateful for Congressman Kim’s advocacy to include the Mayor of Lacey Township on the panel. Local representation will help us ensure that decommissioning continues with the utmost regard for public safety and environmental protection.”

In addition to Commissioner McCabe and Mayor Kennis, members of the Oyster Creek Safety Advisory Panel include the Superintendent of the New Jersey State Police, Director of the Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness, and the President of the Board of Public Utilities, or their respective designees.

“I’m pleased to see the addition of Mayor Kennis to the Oyster Creek Safety Advisory Panel,” said Congressman Andy Kim. “I strongly advocated for Mayor Kennis’ appointment because I believe we need strong local voices at the table and Mayor Kennis will work to ensure the people of Lacey Township are heard. I look forward to working with the Mayor and the other members of the Panel moving forward to be an advocate for our community and for a safe decommissioning of the Oyster Creek nuclear plant.”

“I appreciate the privilege to serve on the Oyster Creek Safety Advisory Panel,” Mayor Kennis said. “I look forward to representing the interests of not only the residents of Lacey Township, but of Ocean County as well.”

The Safety Advisory Panel meets at least twice a year to review decommissioning activities required by Holtec International under a January 2018 Administrative Consent Order governing the decommissioning process. Holtec purchased the Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station from Exelon Generation Company, LLC in July 2019.

The DEP provides technical staff to assist the panel as necessary, as well as supplemental information as requested related to decommissioning activities.

Currently, Oyster Creek remains in compliance with all requirements and obligations of the 2018 administrative order. Decommissioning is progressing according to the proposed schedule.

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