Christie Administration Preserves Delaware Bay Wetlands in Cumberland County

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection has just finished finalising a purchase of 204 acres of wetlands through it's Green Acres Program for the purchase of preservation.  The land, which is located along the Delaware Bay in Cumberland County, was purchased for a total of $620,000. Of that amount, $462,000 was acquired through a federal grant from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service National Coastal Wetlands Conservation Grant Program. The land will be added to the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife's Heislerville Wildlife Management Area which already protects 7,231 acres of the Delaware Bay shoreline. The move was heralded as not only a way to preserve New Jersey's natural wonders, but as a way to promote the emerging market of Ecotourism. To find out more visit the DEP website by visiting the following link.