Christie Administration Designates May 1-5 Air Quality Awareness Week in NJ

The Christie Administration announced that from now on that the first week of May will be celebrated as Air Quality Awareness Week in the Garden State. As part of this new designation, the NJ Department of Environmental Protection will be making efforts to educate citizens on environmentally positive changes they can make in their everyday lives, such as using environmentally friendly products and keeping their vehicle maintenance up to date. DEP Commissioner Bob Martin commented on the occasion, saying “Air Quality Awareness Week is a great opportunity to review how our lifestyle choices impact air quality. By making just a few simple changes, we can contribute to and enjoy cleaner air.” Not only timed to coincide with the big seasonal upturn of outdoor activities, Air Quality Awareness Week was also timed to mark the start of Ozone Season, which is a time of year where adverse air quality phenomena such as Smog are more likely to happen. You can find out more about this and other NJDEP updates by visiting their website by clicking on the following link here.